Penggunaan Modalities (could, would, might and should)

Materi Bimbel hari ini adalah Modalities, yuk simak materinya dan selamat belajar!

Here, we will discuss about modals (could, would, might and should). Understand the patterns and the sentences:

1. could + verb case
We  use this expression to;
a) offering suggestion or possibilities 
e.g.: You could go to school with me
        Perhaps she could help you

b) to indicate that the ability existed in the past, but doesn't exist now
e.g.: I could speak Javanese when I was a kid
        When I was at your age, I could run ten miles

c) to express polite request
e.g.: could you lend me a pen, please?
        could I use your phone?

2. might + verb base   
we use "might" to tell possibilities
e.g.: he might get a flat tire
        he might be at the library

3. would + verb base
a) we use "would" for an action that was repeated regularly in the past
e.g.: I would visit my grandparents in the village, but now not anymore
        when I was a child, I would ask my father to read me a story

b) insert rather into pattern and use "would" to express preference
e.g.: I would rather eat fried chicken than noodles
        I would rather go to the park than stay at home

4. would + mind + verb-ing
we use "would mind" to express polite request
e.g.: would you mind posting the letter?
        would you mind waiting for a moment, please?

5. should + verb base
we use "should" to give definite advice
e.g: you should prepare yourself. you will have a test tomorrow, won't you?
       you should take these pills and have a rest.

6. Exercise:
Complete the sentences using would, could, should or might!
1.   When I was a kid, I ____ always go to the beach not far from my house
2.   Rosa can't find Vita in classroom at the second break. She ____ be in library
3.   Drivers ____ pay attention to speed limit.
4.   My father ____ run ten miles in his twenties.
5.   When Hilda was a student, she ____ always do her homework well.
6.   People with high cholesterol level ____ eat low fat food.
7.   I ____ rather study Math than play chess.
8.   ____ you accompany me to go to the mall?
9.   You ____ spend your vacation in Puncak.
10. Every time Vita visited me, she ____ bring me a lot of apples and pears.


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