Expressing Sympathy

Materi Bimbel hari ini adalah Expressing Sympathy (ungkapan simpati), yuk simak materinya dan selamat belajar!

When you hear someone is hurt or sad, express your sympathy with the following expressions:

A. Offering Condolences:
- I'm sorry
- I'm sorry to hear about your father
- I'm sorry to hear that your little Twitti died
- Let me offer my condolences
- Let me tell you how sorry I am to hear about your grandmother
- I know how you must feel
- You must feel terrible about losing your brother like that

B. Responding to Condolences:
- Thank you
- That's very kind of you
- There's nothing that can be done about it
- It's God's will, I suppose
- God gives and God takes away
- That's life

C. Example:
Zahira  : Good afternoon, Mr. Henudin?
Mr. Hen: Zahira! I'm so glad you could come.
Zahira  : I'm very sorry to hear about Raffi's death. It must be pretty hard on you.
Mr. Hen: It is. He was so young. Why did he have to die?
Zahira  : I know how you must feel. I feel like Raffi was my friend too.
Mr. Hen: Well, God gives and God takes away.

D. Practice:
work in pairs, create a conversation about expressing sympathy and give responses based on these situation;
1. A man meets a friend after his father's funeral
2. A friend is talking with a deceased person's sister at the funeral


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