Contoh Conjunction in Complex & Compound Sentences

Materi Bimbel hari ini adalah Conjunction in Complex-Compound Sentences, yuk simak materinya dan selamat belajar!

1. Complex sentence is a sentence with one independent clause and at least one dependent clause.
e.g.: Lampung where I was born is hot

Conjunctions in Complex Sentence;
a. to express time (after, before, since, until, when, while, as)
- while Sarah was getting ready for bed, she heard someone fire a gun.
- I have been acting in movies since I was young.
b. to express cause (because, since, as)
- since Mark is only seven years old, he cannot vote yet.
- Teddy refused to marry that beautiful girl because he didn't love her.
c. to express condition (if, unless)
- unless her stepmother gave her permission, Cinderella wouldn't go anywhere.
d. to express concession (although, even though, though)
- Benny was not accepted by the university although he had good grades.
e. to express purpose (in order to, so that)
- My father took an extra job so that our family could take a vacation in Summer.
f. to express identification (that, when, where, who)
- I want to talk to the little girl who is wearing the white dress.
- Citra chose the dog that was running around and barking.

2. Compound sentence is a sentence with multiple independent clauses but no dependent clauses.
e.g.: she is absent for it is raining now

Conjunctions in Compound Sentence (and, but, so, or)
 - The man ate shrimp and the woman sipped champagne.

3. Compound-Complex sentence is a sentence with multiple independent clauses and at  least one dependent clause.
 e.g.: the dog lived in the backyard, but the cat who knew he was superior, lived in the house

Conjunctions in Compound-Complex Sentence (while, when)
- while the waiter served dessert, the man ate shrimp and the woman sipped champagne.


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