Action, Saying, Thinking dan Feeling Verbs

Materi Bimbel hari ini adalah Action, Saying, Thinking, and Feeling Verbs, yuk simak materinya dan selamat belajar!

1. Action Verbs
Action verbs refer to the verbs of "doing" and "happening".
for example;
Doing                      Happening
- create                    - move
- build                      - fall
- make                     - rise
- develop                 - come
- send                      - go
- throw                     - soften
- pour                      - harden
- solve                     - melt
- etc.                       - etc.

2. Saying Verbs
Saying verbs refer to the talking verbs in direct speech.
e.g.: say, ask, answer, reply, shout, rebuke, mutter, speak, tell, whisper, etc.
- The fly asked to the bull "what do you think about me?

3. Thinking Verbs
Thinking verbs refer to the intellect of living things.
e.g.: think, understand, assume, conclude, discover, consider, doubt, believe, etc.
- There was once a little fly who thought he was very important animal.

4. Feeling Verbs
Feeling verbs refer to the sense of living things.   
e.g.: love, enjoy, hate, dislike, regret, fear, like, prefer, etc.
- The little fly felt proud of himself.

5. Verbs of Sense
Verbs of sense refer to the sense of living things.
e.g.: see, notice, observe, feel, smell, taste, watch, hear, etc.
- The fly saw a bull grazing in the field.


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